Useful information for club administrators

What is a club administrator?

As part of the approval procedure, clubs may approve applications for membership and licensing. The club administrator will have the user privilages to do this for people belonging to his club.

I am an administrator for my club, why can I not approve my club members' applications?

You need to register as a club administrator. Once you have registered and validated your details, the link for registering as a club administrator will be shown on the page after you login.

How do I become a club administrator?

You can apply online using the link on the page after you login once you have registered on the system.

Does a club administrator need a seperate login?

No, if you are already a member of SAS and registered on the system, you can link your club administrator application to this login.

Apart from approving applications, what else can a club administrator do?

At present club administrators can capture, import and approve memberships and maintain the club's details.